Installing OPNET on UBUNTU Linux

Installing OPNET in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Besides the OPNET inc. say that you should use Red Hat to istall OPNET Transport Planner, I’ve tested in Ubuntu and it works well. My steps of instalation were the following:

(I assume the .bin files are already downloaded)

a) Login as root;
b) Install the OPNET SP GURU Transport Planner:
obs.: I chose the /usr/opnet as destination folder.

c) Install the documentation:

d) Set the user’s PATH variable to point to the directory where the SP Guru Transport Planner binary executable files are stored.

# pico /root/.bashrc
and add this line in the file

e) Changing the default shell for root user. (OPNET requires csh, but the default of Ubuntu is bash).

#chsh (enter)
and change the path to /etc/csh

Finally, I create a shortcut on the Desktop, which the command on launcher is /usr/opnet/15.0.A/sys/unix/bin/spgtranplan

At the first time I started OPNET, I had to configure add a license. After that, all is working fine.

Enjoy it!


5 Responses to “Installing OPNET on UBUNTU Linux”

  1. 1 ali junho 23, 2009 às 12:38 pm

    i have having problem with installation of opent on ubuntu.
    openet installed is launched then later its hanged before asking any input from the user.
    i could not understand the problem.
    i am using ubuntu 9.04 and try ting to isntall opnet modeler 14.5.

  2. 4 nn maio 12, 2010 às 12:23 pm

    hi , im trying to install opnet 15.0.A on ubuntu 8.04, installation completes without problems, but when i try to run the modeler, it says op_set_env not found. I checked and it is not in the unix/bin file, plus many other op files had link broken :S

  3. 5 arya julho 22, 2010 às 7:54 am

    hi, I need OPNET modeler 16.0/15.0 for my final project. Maybe there are friends who know the link to download or buy the OPNET modeler 16.0/15.0.

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